This is a list of A.B.E. equipment currently in stock and ready to ship. Contact a sales rep for more details.


(7) 10 BBL Fermentors (Discounted Display Items)

(1) 5 BBL Brite


5 BBL, 2-Vessel Brewhouse Combination w/Electric Hot Liquor Tank. Direct Fire Kettle. (Discounted Display Unit)

Other Equipment

(5) 1 BBL Hop Back Tanks

(2) 12″ Lenticular Filters

(4) 16″ Lenticular Filters

(1) CIP Systems 

Keg Washers

Dual Head Keg Washers


(1) 125 Gallon Craft Still

(1) 250 Gallon Craft Still

Canning Systems

Built to order:

CraftCan15 (15 CPM, Compact, Mobile Option)

LinCan35 (35 CPM)

LinCan 65 (65 CPM)