Patriot Craft Still Series




The Patriot Series stills are a perfect solution for distillers or brewers that are searching for a still that provides maximum flexibility.

The Patriot stills can be operated as a pot still or as a column still by directing the distillate flow by selecting the A or B position on the three position valve located on the lyne arm. This gives the operator the ability to run the distillate through rectification column or directly to the final condenser.

The two options ABE manufactures for heating are – Steam jacketed or Electric oil jacketed. Heat is controlled by a UL, C1D1 compliant control box.

THE NEED FOR SAFETY: The spirits distillation business provides an excellent opportunity for the entrepreneur who wishes to take advantage of an exciting and exploding business opportunity. However, the expression “exploding”, may not be the most apt phrase to be used when discussing spirits distillation.

There’s no doubt when you’re working with a highly flammable product, you’ll not only want to be safe, but you’ll want to make sure you’re operating a quality still with as many safety features as possible. That’s why American Beer Equipment has spent numerous engineering hours and large sums of capital to develop a safer, more reliable range of compact spirits stills.

As you investigate various equipment suppliers and designs, keep in mind that this is a rapidly evolving industry. As such, you’ll need to ensure your initial investment is spent on equipment that keeps up with or exceeds new regulations. Don’t get caught where it may seem, you may save money in the near term, only to fall short of developing regulations and unable to operate in the long term.  


  • These risks include, but are not limited to:
    • Physical injury from fire or explosion.
    • OSHA violations by employees responsible for proper materials handling or collection
    • OSHA violations for non-compliant electrical components
    • Health risks associated with excessive vapors in the work environment
    • Compliance risks incurred from State Taxation Authorities due to lack of reporting capabilities.

ABE’s Commitment to Risk Reduction: When you work with ABE, you’ll be working with a partner who is dedicated to your safety as well as your profit. We know what it takes to make money in this business and we’ve developed a unique approach to distillation to minimize safety risks. We do this by investing in:

  • Best-in-class electrical protection devices, systems, and procedures.
  • Electrical controls to monitor the operation of your system.
  • Electrical controls that comply with Class 1, Division 1 directives.
  • Our own, In-House, UL Compliant certification committee.
  • Increasing safety awareness and training during the start-up and first-op phase.
  • Focusing on The Distilled Spirits Council of the United States, Inc. fire prevention guidelines.

A.B.E.’s stills are constructed of Type 2 copper and 304 stainless steel, giving you both the durability and the qualities you require, to produce first-class spirits. In addition, ABE stills are designed by our engineers, located right here in Lincoln, Nebraska, so we’re just a quick phone call away from a better understanding of how your system operates.

With its industry-leading “Wattson Automation Platform ™” ABE stills offer you peace of mind knowing that your production is being monitored from start to finish. Trendsetting features like data logging, remote temperature monitoring, and recipe log recall set a new standard for this affordable production equipment.

Still Information:

  • Explosion-proof mixing motor agitates
  • Four plate glass or Copper Whiskey column
  • Efficient CIP ring for 360-degree cleaning
  • Standard Whiskey Helmet (other styles available upon request)
  • Copper and 304 Stainless Construction (no solder)
  • Copper Vapor Management Condenser
  • Stainless Steel 3 inch center drain
  • 2-inch rupture disc 8 psi rating
  • 5psi pressure relief valve in Boil Pot 
  • Three position valves for stripping and rectification runs
  • Stainless or Copper tube in shell liquid management condenser with Transparent shell
  • 304 Stainless steel or Copper process piping


  • The output of the still is determined by the amount of alcohol percentage of the starting wash. We base yield off of a 10% ABV wash.
  • Base expectation yield of 10% wash
  • Heads- .75oz. per gallon of wash
  • Hearts – 7% – 7.5% of the 10% ABV Wash
  • Tails – 2%-2.5%
  • Yield is also determined by what product the operator is producing. Different spirits dictate what proof the raw spirit needs to be distilled to.

Run Time:

  • Proof of spirit determines the total runtime
  • Common runtime is between 3-8 hours.

Mash houses:

  • Available Capacities in 3-60 BBL Systems
  • Steam, Direct Fire, and Electric Heat
  • Auto PLC Control with Pneumatic Valves, Temperature Control, and Remote Access
  • Full or Semi-Automatic Controls
  • VFD Rake and Auto Grain out Plow
  • SEW – EURODRIVE Gear motor
  • 304L Stainless Steel Construction
  • Fully Insulated
  • 304L SS High Grip Brewing Platform and Stairs
  • Grist Hydrator
  • Tube in Shell Heat Exchanger
  • Sparge Ring Assembly
  • American Made Leeson C1D1 Washdown Pumps
  • Completely Customizable

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