“I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it!

ABE has the BEST customer care. Period. End of story. You are all so speedy with responses to our questions. You have hung in there with a couple guys from MN who have a crazy dream. We have a tremendous amount of respect for both of you Matt and John… and the whole company! So great!

Thanks again!

Pat Lundberg

“Nothing but a great experience working with ABE from start to finish and beyond! Customer support is top notch and sales guy ain’t too bad either.

We have purchased used and brand new equipment, like our canning line through them and plan to continue using them for any future expansions.”

Chris Rigoulot

“I’ve had an excellent experience working with Brad and the team at ABE.  Brad’s knowledge and responsiveness to ALL of my questions and concerns have been awesome!  Being a former brewery owner & brewer himself, he knew what I was going through.

Working with ABE was one less thing to worry about while putting my brewery together.”

Clay Gridley

“SuperNatural uses a 7 barrel brewing system from ABE (American Beer Equipment) out of Lincoln, NE. We could not be more happy with the equipment as well as the experience.

First, Brad from the sales staff was extremely professional as well as very helpful in fulfilling our needs.  We had a few special requests for the system and Brad worked with us to make sure they happened.  We had a rather tight brewing space so they were able to shorten our brewhouse a little bit, and then they were able to get us an 8.5 barrel mash tun so we could make those big beers that we like.

Next, the final installation and start-up was easily the best experience I had on the long road to getting our brewery running.  Our technician (Mike) was top notch.  We got everything running within a few hours and we were brewing test batches the next day.  By the time he left, we were confident in the system we had and how to operate it.

Lastly, the beer!  One of the compliments we always get at SuperNatural is how clean our beers are.  That shows the system is completely capable of making great beer and the limit for great beer is up to you.

In summary: we love ABE and would recommend them to anybody.”

Chris Hibner